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Protect Your Investment

"Properly cleaning and maintaining your tools is as important as changing the oil in your car or cleaning out the vent in your clothes dryer. By following these quick and easy recommendations, you'll enable your tools to perform at their best while maximizing the lifespan of your investment and upholding performance"

Dryer Directions:

1. Unplug dryer

2. Twist the vent to open

3. Wash the mesh insert and filter cap under warm water and set aside to air-dry completely

4. Using a damp cloth or unused toothbrush, carefully remove all dust from the mental filter. Allow the component to air-dry completely.

Iron Directions:

1. Unplug iron

2. Clean the iron with a cloth and water. Not the the use of harsh cleaners and counter top sprays is highly discouraged as these products can leave residue that should not be combined with high temperatures.

Repeat at the end of each full working day. This consistent maintenance will especially protect the silicone strips on the Express Ion Style.

~ These cleaning instructions have been given to us directly from Paul Mitchell ProTools®, but are also compatible with other brands of hair tools ~ 

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